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A review of our workshops (some of them)

September 29, 2015 - Business Poker for product managers (english)
Business Poker - Team building before strategy meeting
A short workshop with a poker game (2.5h) with Claudia Chinello

After a brief introduction, where everyone presented himself with a little story, the group got a texas hold'em poker explenation and while playing we discussed business topics. After two and a half hours, the atmosphere was excellent and the two most outstanding players were awarded with a small price.
Feedback from the customer:
"Dynamic, informative, with a lot of fun and very good team feedback. Miss Chinello is efficient and flexible in organizing the workshop and introduced the team perfectly into the theme "business poker". The workshop is perfect for a team of 7-10 people, Claudia Chinello's tips from the pokertable are a good basis for the discussion of business topics. I can recommend this workshop."

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March 14, 2015 - Spring Conference JCI Estonia in Tartu
"Want to succed in business? Play Poker!"
Workshop and short poker game (total time 1.25h) with Claudia Chinello

The participants learned what poker is and also what it is not or what it not should be. We can use a lot of valuable poker strategies in our daily business work. And we should recognize if our counterpart will try to manipulate (bluff) us. If we have a good product, we don't need to bluff. But others maybe try to sell us things in a way, that we hardly cannot resist to buying them. By bringing the "playing mindset" in, we can have more fun and be more successful in our entire life - not just in business.

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July 12, 2014 - Regional Conference of the Junior Chamber of Baden-Württemberg
Pokerface in your everyday business life
Workshop (1.5h) with Vanessa Weber and Claudia Chinello

Numerous profitable strategies for your business success can be taken out from the poker game. In this workshop the business women Vanessa Weber, poker player, and Claudia Chinello, poker trainer, showed the participants how they could master their everyday businesslife with more fun and be more successful thanks to poker strategies. No poker knkowledge was required. This course worked without Casino Royale and did not require formal wear.

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June 17, 2014 - Exam on the Pilatus (CH)
Business Poker Seminar for a senior management team
Workshop (2.5h) with Claudia Chinello

Five executive board members of a real estate company studied in one afternoon on the Pilatus various poker ideas. The game was a transporter of one main idea: What are the specific and real goals of our doing and which poker strategies could we use to reach that goals successfully and sustained? The participants talked about motivation and leadership, about price negotiation and sales activities, and it was some great hours with a lot of new insights and good fun.

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May 17, 2014 - Trainingday of JCI Switzerland
"Pokerface" in your daily business
Workshop (3h, break included) with Claudia Chinello

For the Trainingday of the Junior Chamber International Switzerland Claudia Chinello was dealing with topics as motivation, purposeful work and when we should have a pokerface. In this workshop the participants will elaborate how they could have more success and fun in their business life by using simple poker strategies. - This workshop is also aimed at women who are holding rather less "pokerface" in their business life than their male collegues.

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August 17, 2012 - Team event for a health insurance (outbound team)
"Business-Poker", motivation und more success in your daily life
Workshop (4h) with Claudia Chinello and Reto Schabron

Length: One afternoon, then dinner.
Group work: "What do I have to do to feel as a winner?", "What's important for me in life."
Objectives: Coming out of the victim role. More fun and success in the (business) life.
Conclusion: Specific solutions were found on the head department level, several employees were more motivated for their job, for others there could be found alternative solutions (also a change of job).

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