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Best Entertainment, New Learnings & Fun

Because playing together touches our heart.

Your Personal Casino Royale


Roulette is the most widespread game of chance in the world and a very entertaining pleasure for all, until the "Rien ne va plus and no more bets, please!".


Ideally suited for large groups and for any age group. We have three and roulette tables in our repertoire.


BlackJack is a classic community game that involves playing together against the bank.


The game is a bit strategic and very popular with both man and woman.


Would you like to draw another card? Or would you rather not?


No-Limit Poker

Now it gets exciting. You're playing Texas Hold'em poker, just like James Bond against Le Chiffre. Can you see through your opponents' playing style? Do you manage to put on a good poker face?


Team building, mindfulness training and thrills guaranteed!

You invite the guests and we take care of the rest.

Roulette tables
from CHF 1350.00

250x135 cm

plus min. 100cm on each side for guests + dealer

BlackJack tables

from CHF 950.00

225x115 cm

plus min. 100cm on each side for guests + dealer

Poker tables

from CHF 900.00

260x130 cm

plus min. 100cm on each side for guests + dealer

RiverBoat Dice

from CHF 900.00

110x210 cm


Other attractions:

Fun Promotion

Your event could be planned like this:


06.00 pm:  Arrival of guests, aperitif

06.15 pm:  Explanation of the game and training rounds, until all participants feel conficent concerning the rules

07.00 pm:  Dinner break, if planned

08.45 pm:  Poker tournament "Las Vegas Poker-Challenge"

10.30 pm:  End of the poker tournament, handing over for prizes, farewell

11.00 pm:  End of the event and dismantling


A prize may be handed over to the best 1-5 players. We are available for ideas.


We are looking forward to good games.

We do recommend among others the following restaurants + hotels: